Hive Check

Sunny, slightly breezy, and 67°.  The bees had started bringing back pollen for the first time yesterday, so I wanted to be sure that they had room in their hive to begin expanding their population.  This particular colony has been my hardiest and I hope to propagate this stock by splitting it this spring and letting the queen-less half raise a new queen.

Just below you can see that they are busy harvesting the half-frame of honey that I had put in their top feeder.


This next photo is what the top of the top box looked like.  (There are two hive bodies on this hive.)  This is just below the top feeder.  All eight frames are covered with bees and they are definitely wanting to move up.  There was a lot of comb that they had constructed between the top bars of this box and the bottom of the top feeder.


In this next photo you can see a close-up of some of the burr comb they built.  There was an equal amount stuck to the bottom of the top feeder as well.


The top box had five frames of brood, two frames of honey, and one mostly empty frame.


Below is a photo of the top of the bottom box.  There were quite a few bees in it, but no brood.


The bees that were in this box were storing the pollen that was being brought in.


Conclusion:  Since this colony’s top box was full of brood and honey, and they seemed to desperately want to move up, and the bottom box had lots of room, and the bottom box had pollen… I switched the boxes and put the empty box with the pollen on top.

I then put the top feeder back on the top and closed up the hive.

Hopefully, this will make them feel like they have room to expand as the brood emerges and the queen continues to lay with the pollen coming in.


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