Sunny, quite breezy, and a high of 52°.  Quite a bit of activity at the bird bath today.  The Gypsy Queen and Bonanza Queen colonies were flying.





2:00pm.  Sunny, slightly breezy, 49°.  Gypsy Queen and Bonanza Queen colonies were flying, but especially the Bonanza Queen colony today.  Some foraging for water at the bird bath.

The next day I saw a lot of “bee droppings” on both the Expedition and the Sequoia which were both parked right outside the apiary.

1:00pm. Sunny and perfectly still with a high of 45°. The Bonanza Queen colony, on the right, began flying at 45°. But the Gypsy Queen colony, on the left, began flying at just 38°. The fronts of the hives were in the sun. Very little foraging for water today; mostly just cleansing flights.




IR Images

These infrared images were shot at 8am, this morning, with an ambient temperature of 14°.

This first photo is a reference photo.  I designed and built these special outer covers this past summer.  They serve several purposes, but one is that they allow me to set hives flush against each other during the winter so that they can share heat.  I was curious to see if that’s what they would do…


This photo just below shows an IR image of the far left hive and the left portion of the hive just to its right.  You can see that there is a relatively large colony in the hive on the left, and a relatively small colony in the hive on the right, but the colony on the right has moved over to benefit from the heat of the larger colony.

Left 2 Hives.jpg


The image of the two hives on the right [shown just below] reveals what is virtually a mirror image of the left two hives.  In this case, however, the smaller of the two colonies appears like it may be larger than the smaller of the two colonies in the left two hives.


Sunny and just slightly breezy.  There was a high of 44°, but the bees in the Gypsy Queen colony were out starting at just 40°!

A couple of bees going to the bird bath, but it was mostly just cleansing flights and a little housekeeping (removing dead bees from inside the hive).