11/15/16 – Check of Top Feeders

Continued unseasonably warm weather + unusually high bee activity + no nectar available = check to see if the bees are going through the sugar in the top feeders.


The Gypsy Queen hive.  They had not consumed/moved much of the sugar since the last time I looked.  BTW, this hive has always been the most aggressive and I immediately got stung on the thumb when I removed the inner cover.


The Gold Bug hive.  They have consumed the highest amount of sugar.  But, again, not drastically changed since the last time I looked.


The Golden Wonder hive.  Again, virtually unchanged since the last check.


The Bonanza Queen hive.  As before, they have not touched the sugar.

I did add additional sugar to each of these top feeders since I was in there anyway.  I misted the sugar just a bit with warm water to which I had added a couple drops of lemongrass oil.


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