4/3/16: Hive Check

Sunny, very little breeze, and 66° at 2pm.  I checked the feral colony that I had cut-out and hived.  The foragers acted “queen-right,” and the bees were very docile and laid back when I opened up the hive.  But, I did not see the queen, and did not see eggs, larvae, or capped brood.  I also did not see that they were drawing-out any new comb.  They were mostly on a couple frames of their old comb in the middle box, and on the honeycomb I provided them with in the top box.

They had not been touching the sugar water that I provided for them in the top feeder, so I replaced it with the left-over honey and wax from when I crushed and strained the honeycomb I harvested when I cut them out.

These two photos show the bees that were on the old comb I kept from the cut-out.  I guess it’s possible that the queen is here, but why is she not laying if she is?

In the top photo, bottom-left, it looks like there are multiple eggs in some cells.  That means I have laying workers, which means no queen.  RATS!

hive check 01hive check 02


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