December 4th: Installed a Hive Thermometer

I added a thermometer to the top of the hive, just to monitor how consistent the temperature remains throughout the variations in outdoor temperature.

The remote sensor is taped to extend just down into the opening of the inner cover.

The outer cover to this hive has an “attic” – a dead air space that the bees cannot get into. This design will help the hive thermometer be less affected by the outside temperature.

The bees are not in the top box, just below the sensor. That box is full of honey. The bees are probably in the middle of the three boxes.

The daytime photo of the thermometer is not accurate; the outdoor temp is elevated because the thermometer is in a plastic bag, and the inside-the-hive temp is elevated because the sensor had been in direct sunlight and I had just put the top back on.

The nighttime photo is actually at 6am the next morning.  Those temps are accurate.

Thermometer 01Thermometer 02Thermometer 03Thermometer 04Thermometer 05Thermometer 06


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