December 4th: Chatted with Jamie

Was able to chat with Jamie, the owner of The Beekeeper’s Honey Boutique.


  • All of the honey she sells in her shop, except for three varieties which are obvious (like orange blossom), does come from the nectar flow in our valley.
  • She does not heat the honey above 95 degrees.  She only filters it through cheese cloth.  Her “Raw” honey is not even filtered.
  • They do not use queen excluders, so her honey may have the juice of larvae, etc. in it.  She believes the honey is healthier this way.
  • She recommends pollen patties by a company called Global Patties.  She believes they are the best for the bees.
  • She mentioned that her family’s company purchases the patties by the pallet and she may have some to sell me next Spring.  BUT THAT’S BETWEEN US!  She does not want to sell patties to the whole club.
  • Over-all, she was very forthcoming and offered to chat anytime.

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