October 31st: Installed the Hive Heater

This is an idea I am going to try this winter. Because my hive is up on a stand with an open top, and I’m using a screen bottom board with the solid panel pulled out, I have the opportunity to add a little bit of heat to the hive during times of extreme cold this winter.
The hive stand allows me to create a skirt around the bottom and fill the cavity halfway up with wood shavings (for insulation). Then, inside that cavity, on top of the wood shavings, I’ve set a heating pad rolled up loosely inside a galvanized tin pipe.
Of course, I’ll only turn it on at night, only during the coldest nights, and just on low. My hope is that if we have a very cold winter, this little bit of additional heat will allow the cluster to move around and get to all the honey they’ve stored in the hive.
01 Hive Stand Skirt
02 Heater and Pipe
03 Under Hive
04 Heater under Hive
05 Cord from Hive

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