October 16th: Last Time in the Hive this Season

Got into the hive for what will probably be the last time this season. Lots of honey, and it looks like, from all the capped brood in the first photo, that the queen is still going strong.

The close-up photo shows a bee with deformed wings as a result of the virus carried by Varroa mites.

I’ve been determined not to put pesticides in the hive. I’ve taken three steps to help control the Varroa mites. 1) About a week ago I pulled out the solid board at the bottom of my screened bottom board. I am going to leave it out permanently. If any mites fall through, the can’t crawl back up into the hive. 2) I dusted the bees with powdered sugar today. As they groom that off of themselves and each other, many of the mites are groomed off. 3) I was going to pull any capped frames of drone brood and replace them. The mites tend to enter the drone cells. But, there wasn’t any drone brood in the hive today.

10-16-2015 - 01

10-16-2015 - 02


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