October 3rd: Made the Frames with Left-Over Honey Available to the Hive

I removed the top two medium boxes, above the inner cover, with the deep frames that had had some left-over nectar in them.  I inspected those frames and it looked like virtually all of the nectar was gone.  Plus, there were very few bees on those frames.

I looked into the medium box below the inner cover and it was jammed full of honey.  So, I added a medium box with 8 new, undrawn, beeswax foundation frames.  This is so that the bees could have some more room to put the additional left-over honey and nectar I was about to give them.

I set a 10-frame, deep box on the very top.  (I have no 8-frame deep boxes.)  I sat it above a 10-frame inner cover and taped the slot where the overhang was so that the bees could not go in and out there.

I put the three frames that I had harvested honey out of in the 10-frame deep box so that the bees could clean them up and take all of the left-over honey and nectar down into the hive.

Hive 10-03-2015

Entrance 10-03-2015


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