September 22nd: Harvested Some Honey

I harvested the capped honey out of the deep frames that were in the deep box I removed from the hive.

I did all this in the bathtub.

There were three frames with patches of capped honey, totaling, I would guess, about the equivalent of one full frame covered with capped honey on both sides.

I used the double bucket method, with two 5-gallon paint strainers in the top bucket, and just scraped off the frames, wax and all, everywhere there was capped honey.

I had put the three frames that had capped honey on them in a 5-gallon bucket and set it on top of the dryer in the bathroom at 8:00pm. Then, I turned on a heater and kept the door closed. The room heated to 97 degrees overnight.

I harvested the honey at 7am the next morning and left everything to finish straining and dripping until noon. I kept the room at 97 degrees.

At noon, I used a potato masher to squeeze the remaining honey out of the wax (all inside the paint strainers in the top bucket), and then let the bucket with the honey sit in the bathtub with several inches of hot water.

After a bit, I sat the bucket on the kitchen counter and opened the honey gate on the bucket to let the honey run into the pint jars. The honey was very warm and flowed easily.

The honey was a beautiful, light golden color and I got four full pint jars.



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