September 2nd: Found the Queen in a Medium Depth Box

I had John Babb come over to help me find the queen and get her moved into a medium depth box.  The hive was still in the August 15th configuration.  John found her on the second frame he pulled from the medium box that was directly above the deep brood box.  So, the queen had moved up.

We immediately replaced the frame and reconfigured the hive like the inset photo on this post.

I plan to leave the deep brood box on the hive until October 1st to let all of the capped brood hatch and move down with the queen.  Then, I’ll pull the deep brood box completely out and harvest the honey that is in it.

At that time I will also move all of the frames in the three 10-frame mediums into four 8-frame mediums on a new 8-frame hive set up.  I should have John help me with this so that we’re sure the queen gets moved to the new hive boxes.



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