August 12th: Email from Michael Bush

Thanks again for responding to my email.  I’m sure that I cannot imagine how many emails you get every day.

I was given a 10-frame deep into which I placed my 5-frame NUC this spring.  The NUC also came with deep frames.

But, I want to eventually convert everything to 8-frame medium boxes.  So, all the boxes I have set on top of the deep are mediums.

My hope has been that the queen would eventually move up into the next box with medium frames in it, but she has stayed in the deep all summer (at least, so far).  And, they have just been storing nectar/honey in all three mediums I have placed on top of the deep.

Is there anything I can do to encourage the queen to move up one box into a medium so that I can remove that deep box at the end of the summer?  If I can get her up there, I’ll stick an excluder (in this case an “includer”) between the deep and the medium to keep her up in the medium but leave the deep as part of the hive until all the brood that was laid in there hatches.

Any ideas?

I hope that makes sense, I tried to be as succinct as possible.

Best Regards,

Scott Sailors

Michael Bush via 

11:12 AM (20 hours ago)

Queens generally move down.  Bees build down.  If you want the bees to
move into the boxes with the brood nest you’ll have better luck on the
bottom.  If you want to speed the process, put some of the deeps in two
mediums with the rest filled out with mediums.  Then they only have to
expand sideways.  You can also put medium sin the deeps (both of these
will end up with some comb on the bottom of the bottom bar).  You can
also cut comb out and rubber band it into the medium frames.  Some
combination of all three may be best.

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