July 14th: Redistributed Some Frames between the Hive Boxes.

I had added a third box, between the bottom brood box and the top box, just two days ago.  The purpose was to give the queen more room to lay.  The bottom brood box was nearly full and the top box was well developed with drawn wax, nectar, and capped honey.

I had also added a queen excluder between the new, middle box and the top box.  So, in order to give the bees the most resources of drawn wax in that new middle box, as well as create a way to get some honey in the comb from the top box, I redestributed some of the frames.

I took some drawn-out frames from the top box, that didn’t have any honey or nectar in them, and put them in the middle box – removing the least drawn-out of the new 100% beeswax foundation frames that were in the middle box.

Then, I put 3 more (for a total of four) foundationless frames in the top box.  Again, replacing three new 100% beeswax foundation frames that were the least drawn-out.

Here’s the current status of my boxes and frames:



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