July 12th: Opened the Hive with John Babb, Added a Third Box (a medium).

John Babb came over and we looked in the hive.  At this point I had a deep-body 10-frame brood box on the bottom, and a medium-depth, 10-frame Illinois Super on the top.

The bees were doing very well.  There was brood in the top box.  Three frames of it.  It was mostly drone comb.  And, the three frames of drone comb were on three of the four foundationless frames in that box.  The top box also had quite a bit of nectar and capped honey in it, on plastic-cell foundation frames.  It was good and heavy.

The bottom box had a lot of capped brood in it.  We found the queen.  Over-all, the hive was quite full and John was surprised the bees had not built any swarm cells.  He suggested I put a third box on today, and put it between the two boxes so that the queen can move right up from the bottom box and have lots of room to lay eggs.  We also talked about me putting the three foundationless frames with brood in them (mostly drones) in that middle box so that there’s already some brood there.  I did that.  The middle box is also a medium-depth box.  I used new, 100% beeswax foundation frames in this new, middle box, and also used the same kind of frames to replace the three foundationless frames with brood on them that I took out of the top box and put in the middle box.

I also decided to put a queen excluder between the middle box and the top box.  I wanted to do this because I want to get some foundationless frames full of honey.  Of the four foundationless frames I already had in the top box, the queen had laid eggs in three of them (again, mostly drones).

7:12:15 - 01 7:12:15 - 02 7:12:15 - 03 7:12:15 - 04 7:12:15 - 05


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