June 16th: Checking the Drawn Wax on the Foundationless Frame

Four days ago I set the second hive body on top of the brood box.  I had done this because the bees seemed crowded; they were drawing wax on all ten frames and I had seen almost a full frame side of capped brood on the inside of frame 8.  These frames had plastic foundation.

Two days ago I replaced one of the plastic foundation frames, in the second hive body, with a foundationless frame that I made by removing the plastic foundation and glueing a comb guide into the groove of the top bar of that frame.

Today I moved all of those frames in the second hive body to a cypress hive body that I had built yesterday.  In two days, there was 10 times the amount of wax on the foundationless frame as had been drawn, in four days, on all the plastic frames combined.

6:16:15 - 01 6:16:15 - 02


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