June 14th: Adding One Foundationless Frame

I purchased a 6 1/4″ frame with plastic-cell foundation, from Murdoch’s, and cut out the foundation.  I got two paint stir sticks and cut them to length (one is not long enough), and also cut them down, lengthwise, to the width of a craft stick.  I glued these two pieces into the groove of the frame (it was a grooved top frame) and marked it with an “FL” for “foundationless.”

I put this in the top box in place of one of the plastic-cell foundation frames.  This is a medium depth box and is the second box that is sitting right on top of the original deep brood box.

I plan to check on this when I swap out the white medium box for the cypress medium box I ordered from Kelley Beekeeping.

6:14:15 - 01 6:14:15 - 02 6:14:15 - 03


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